Friday, July 27, 2007

Seventh Calling Gives Monumental Concert at St.Paul's Station 4 on 7/24/07!!

My latest adventure took me all the way out to St. Paul Minnesota!! Tuesday, July 24th at the bar called Station 4 (downtown St.Paul) was the place to be for a hot and humid sweaty night of old school progressive metal. Symphony X is out on tour in support of their latest cd "Paradise Lost" on SPV Records along with them is Sanctity (Roadrunner Records) and Echoes Of Eternity (Nuclear Blast Records) but more on them in the next blog. This is about the opener for the nite. A kick~ass old school progressive~aggressive metal band called SEVENTH CALLING. This is a very tight professional 4 piece band made up by Steve Handel/guitar-vocals, Lance C. Lange/guitar-vocals, Jamie Strobach/drums and Michael Poplees/bass. Their music is fast and hard driving, their lyrics are world friendly and their attitude is there in your face...metal style!!! Currently signed to Melissa Records for their first cd, "MONUMENTS", which was just released this summer, SEVENTH CALLING performed songs including, "Faces", "Dark Angel" "Fight For Your Life" and from their new cd due out in 2008 was "Deliverance". SEVENTH CALLING produces powerful harmonic blend of vocals of dark lyrics of centuries past, dueling flying v guitars which gives the listener melodic solos and heavy riffs that, simply put....shred like no others!! Constant thunderous low~end vibrations are emphasized from the bass that fills the room with presence and percussions that keep it hard, fast and metal with double kick drums and an array of cymbals driving it to keep you headbanging to every song! Stage presence cannot be denied here, you're drawn into their realm from the first note and held there until the end leaving you wanting more. SEVENTH CALLING's technical prowness shines thru~out their music to a high level of excellence. This is defineately a live band that loves to perform and feeds off the energy of their fans new and longtime supporters. In September, SEVENTH CALLING will be heading to Florida to showcase for major record labels including Sony Records. Then on October 12th, they will be appearing in Allentown Pa at the Sterling Hotel/Rock Room then cross the state lines to New Jersey on October 13th at Dingbatz. SEVENTH CALLING is currently shopping for entertainment representation on a major level and rightly so. For more info, tour dates, photos, audio and video clips, visit SEVENTH CALLING at where you can purchase their cd "MONUMENTS" and contact them by email. I captured them live in action so enjoy the view! Now "Shut up and play!!!"