Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Have You Met My Friend Ted?!!! It's a VISUAL KAOS!!!

Have you met my friend Ted?!! You've might've seen him performing front and center with Grimlock and Liquid Nation and The Screaming Kings. He also holds court with VISUAL KAOS.
I finally caught up with my long time friend, Ted Brasier, at the Poison Room on 7/28/06 with his band VISUAL KAOS. Not to spoil all the fun here, but this band is THE SHIT!!! Ted's vocals have gotten stronger over the years as well as his stage presence. His bandmates are equally as strong and bring the music loud and just brutal fun!! Here are a few photos I took of the band that night. I will be doing a more in~depth write up on VISUAL KAOS in the very near future . Keep ya posted on that!! In the meantime, please check out "MR. THROTTLEMOUTH"'s band at to find out where they play next......enjoy the photos!