Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Friday, Sept.8, 2006, everyone gathered to The Mad Hatter (Scott Street) in Covington, Kentucky, to see Trustkill Records' THROWDOWN, headline "The Pure Hostility Tour". After being out earlier this spring with In Flames/Nevermore/EverGrey (May 11th~Bogart's) and then joining the Warps Tour for a few selected cities, it was very much deserving to see THROWDOWN headling in support of their lastest cd, "VENDETTA".
Hailing out of the Orange County area in California, Dave Peters (vocals), Matt Mentley (bass), Mark Choiniere (guitar) and Ben Dussault (drums) are the musicians known as THROWDOWN. Hardcore metal music with positive lyrics makes THROWDOWN in tune with today's fans' musical tastes and possibly the next "big" band to go long~term!!
Dave Peters knows how to hit the stage and take command of his audience from the first song consistantly all the way thru to the last song and still have the fans begging for more...even if it's "cover tunes"! Dave's strong vocals and stage charisma capture your attention. He will make you want to body~surf and create one of the most fastest, brutal mosh~pits I've seen in awhile!!! Just awesome!!!
Being the only guitarist in THROWDOWN, Mark Choiniere rocks the house with his awesome talent up and down the frets. Matt Mentley's solid hardcore bass work makes the low~end vibe down right chilling! Ben Dussault on drums is one bad~ass stickman! Quick feet, thunderous sounds, drives the music together and feeds the fans into their frenzy of THROWDOWN music. Together, the band has fun on stage together peforming and that bleeds thru to the audience. They also have fun together as well off~stage and were very accomodating to their fans.
Check out THROWDOWN on the internet but you really should go see them LIVE!!! For tour dates, audio clips, video clips, photos and to purchase their ultra~cool clothes and CD's and DVD click over to or for more go to their website at and support this killer band!!!