Sunday, October 12, 2008

LORENZO - Madison Theater - 10/03/2008

These are my photos I took of LORENZO at The Madison Theater in Covington Kentucky on Friday, Rocktober 3, 2008. This band is even more phenominal with the new lineup.
LORENZO music is very rock radio commerical friendly, that several major tv shows have used music from LORENZO, including CBS's SHARK in the opening scene that featured the song "I Think About Sex", other tv shows included Threshold and 3LBS. The song "Little Sister" is used as the opening for the cartoon "The Addicts" ( This fall, their newest song "Truth" will be a featured on a new show on ABC tv. The new lineup features Marko Lorenzo on vocals, Jason VieBrooks on bass (ex-Grip Inc/Heathen/Lowa), Steve Jacobs on drums(ex-Forbidden/ManMadeGod/Testament/Lowa), Jeff Munro and D.V. White on guitars and backing vocals. LORENZO has many major endorsements and full stage production by Thunderbolt Systems. LORENZO has opened for many major acts including Poison at Riverbend, 3 Doors Down, Shinedown, Hinder and Dokken to name just a few. You get the idea! To keep up on LORENZO shows and music, visit them at and at and don't forget to order their cd "LOVE SHAPE BRUISE" on,, and your neighborhood Best Buy store and online. LORENZO also has ringtones available for your cell phone.
LORENZO is recording their new material for the 2nd cd at OLS Studios here in Cincinnati Ohio. As the musical genius of Prince once asked Marko Lorenzo "Do you believe the cream will rise to the top?" and Marko's response was "I always do", Prince replied with "Then you have nothing to worry about." LORENZO is well on their way to rising to the top of the music industry!