Saturday, April 26, 2008

PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 - Returns From The Grave

After being on hiatus for little over 13 months, PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 returned to the stage at The Blue Note on March 27, 2008 with much fan fare and contraversy in which they were promoted as to be the headliners. Kenny Ozz of Drugstore Valentine fame played Host for the night. With a new line up and new material, PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 tore it up with their abbreviated set. If you were there, you know exactly what happened. I'm not going into details about it but I will say because of what happened that night, I have dropped all support for Trans-Fusion Entertainment staff (Terry Blaze in particular - who cannot be trusted) and The Blue Note owner/talent buyer (Doug). Both made extremely bad business decisions and both knew better. The behind the scenes from these 2 parties was the most unprofessional I have ever witnessed in my 30+ years in the music industry. Enough said. Case closed.
PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 has re-vamped themselves. Gone is the horror-punk style of The Misfits. Back is the good old glam-rock-metal with horror lyrics to the style of Motley Crue/Kiss, etc. More upbeat and high energy the new line up of Danni Curr on guitar and backing vocals, Eddie Von Hearse on drums, founding member Mike Pagan on bass and backing vocals, and the return of co-founder Scott Thorn on lead vocals put a new spin on the old material such as title track from the current cd "Sex Drugs & Formaldehyde". Scott's pipes are much stronger than the former James Bondage and brings a new personality to the fans. The band is more interactive with their fans. Danni runs thru the crowd during one guitar solo and everyone can't get enough! The PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 fans love to dance to the music and sing along with the band. It's refreshing to see fans that know all the words to the band's songs from a band on a local level. At the end of the set, Kenny Ozz joined in to sing "Wild Child" by W.A.S.P. in all his glam-rocking glory! PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 is one of the most professional bands both on stage and off-stage. They have a few big shows lined up for the upcoming summer including June 28 at Trifecta's in Florence Ky with special guests Drugstore Valentine. You want a rock show? See PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313!!!!
For more info on PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 gigs and fun stuff, visit them at where you can purchase their music and merch. The have two new t-shirt designs available as well.
Posted below are my photos of PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 (please do not steal them/they are copyright protected by U.S. law-violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law).