Friday, April 04, 2008

NIGEL DUPREE BAND~Takes Over Annie's on March 15, 2008!

Much to my delight and to the surprise of the Jackyl fans at Annie's here in Cincinnati Ohio on March 15,2008, Jesse James Dupree (Jackyl vocalist) introduced his son's band NIGEL DUPREE BAND to their first taste of playing the infamous and legendary ANNIE'S stage! The crowd accepted them with loud cheers of delight and by the end of their set, everyone in attendance was shouting for more!!
The NIGEL DUPREE BAND hails from Kennesaw/Atlanta Georgia area and plays nothing but good, straight~forward in your face ROCK music! Band members are Nigel Dupree on guitar and vocals, Josh Hilton on bass and backing vocals and Adam Townsend on drums and all performing at the professional level on stage with an exciting show to watch and hear. Growing up with Jesse James Dupree as your Dad, Nigel is a natural on stage and with the fans. His vocals has the distinct Dupree sound. His guitar skills shred and his style is fierce and passionate. Josh on bass delivers the low end vibe and interacts with the fans and plays with sincere intensity and passion as Nigel and provides strong backing vocals. On drums is Adam who is a skin pounding, stick breaking, drum machine animal! Adam provides the solid backbone rockin' beat to the NIGEL DUPREE BAND music. For a young man, his talent is that of a long time veteran in the drumming profession.
The NIGEL DUPREE BAND's collective musical influences include KISS, MOTLEY CRUE, AC/DC and JACKYL. I am happy to report that the band is currently in the studio doing recording in between their busy touring schedule. Their cd is being produced by Jesse Dupree and Don Tart and engineered by Jeff Tomei. The cd is on the Standstill Records Label and we all can expect a summer July/August 2008 release date. Some of the tour dates already booked for NIGEL DUPREE BAND include May 17 at House Of Blues with JACKYL in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Then on May 20 at The Handle Bar in Greenville, South Carolina where they will open for legendary KISS memember ACE FREHLEY before a packed house. For the Cincy area, the NIGEL DUPREE BAND will return on July 12 to perform at the FREEDOM FEST at ANNIE'S (brought to you by Paul Riley at Transfusion Entertainment). To keep updated with the NIGEL DUPREE BAND's busy tour schedule and soon to be posted audio clips of their forth coming cd, visit them at and add them to your friends list. This up and coming band are destined to be future major rockers! They are a great band with great music. I took some photos of the band live in action at Annie's. Enjoy!