Saturday, May 17, 2008

Neutral Shock - Brings it to Blue Note -3/28/08

Hailing from Maysville Kentucky is a band called NEUTRAL SHOCK. Since I first seen them over a year ago at Sudsy's in Clifton, I'm happy to say that they've matured musically and have fine tuned their live stage perfomance to make them one of your more tight knit metal hardcore rock area bands. Kicking and screaming high energy band members are on vocals is Wayne Lewis, on guitars is Tim Barry and Ronnie Lee Marlow, bassist is Jacob Rose and on drums is Shawn Daulton. And at this time I would like to give a special mention to their closest friend Garrett Wilson who sadly passed away December 2007 who was very much a part of NEUTRAL SHOCK.
NEUTRAL SHOCK has a released their second cd titled "UNDYING BREED" which can be purchased at all their shows and on their myspace page which is where you can also hear choice cuts from the cd. They also have a website with more info on the band. Their first cd which is self titled "NEUTRAL SHOCK" has enjoyed a successful independent distribution of over 5000 copies. Their future gigs include McGuffy's in Dayton Ohio on May 30th and on June 27 at Club Panama in Springfield Ohio. For all the working class metal fans, NEUTRAL SHOCK is your band! Their explosive!!!
Check 'em out below are my photos I took of them at The Blue Note in Cincinnati Ohio on March 28, 2007.