Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween Hell 3 at Annie's - Shocktober 27, 2007

It was the retun of HALLOWEEN HELL 3 at ANNIE'S in Cincy on Shocktober 27,2007 with a grand prize winner for best costume of $1,000.00...that's right dollars!!!! The show could also be called Metal Hell-Fright Night!! The bands were THIRD OMEN who opened the show..I enjoyed them...then the next thing I remember was ASSAULT MACHINE...intersting new always Kris Immwalle loves to perform his signature moves to the loud cheers from the fans!! DETACHED hit the stage with their mayhem...was great to see them back on the stage! Next in line was DAMAGE 4 A DIME and they tore it up!!! Headlining was DEATH BROKER (Mother*F*kers)...still no bass player...but their performance had the mosh pit going and the fans still wound up for more metal!! The costume contest had alot more contestants this year than last year that actually put some time/effort/thought into their 'tumes. Although some didn't make the final was fun to see everyone in the spirit of HALLOWEEN HELL 3!!! Damage 4 A Dime's drummer was eerily the identical twin to Vinny Paul (x-Pantera/Damageplan, currently HELLYEAH!), Rhino was dead~on Slayer's thrash guitarist Kerry King, and Kris Immwalle added a few touches to turn into his hero Zakk Wylde!!! Good job guys!!! Pirates, Satan, Wrestlers and Wenches...oh my!!! So after a spirited cheering contest from over 200 people, it came down to a tie between "HULK HOGAN" (who beat out the ASSAULT MACHINE duo of HANK and BIG RON as the LEGION OF DOOM) and on stilts no less, Iron Maiden's EDDIE or was it the main character of A Nightmare Before Christmas....and they split the grand prize money in half!! A BIG THANK YOU to PAUL RILEY/TRANS~FUSION ENTERTAINMENT for booking the bands and promoting the show and to ANNIE'S and their staff and Loud~N~Clear Productions for sound (ROSS HENSON~Sound gawd) and lights/DVD's (OLLIE VIEBROOKS). I had a fun time that night with all that came out....and thanx for posing for the pics I took of you all below!!!!