Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pagan Holiday 1313 TV Debut w/New Lineup!

Friday nite on Shocktober 26, 2007, the debut return of PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 hit the cable airwaves on local show CITY NIGHTS (based in Covington Kentucky). After a brief break and personnel changes, PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 is back better than ever!! New songs, new show, much more 80's metal rock with still the splash of shock-horror flavour. Founding member MIKE PAGAN, bassist, is now joined with DANNI CURR, vocals (of SHOCKER fame), JOHNNY CRYPT, guitarist (ex-Dichotomy) and KEVIN KAOS on drums (ex-Dichotomy). A loud and in the halloween spirit audience showed their appreciation of the PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 performance of classic hits "She's Undead" and "Sex Drugs and Formaldehyde" as well as one of their new songs. A special thanks to SHOCKER drummer FAST EDDIE for helping out with the gear!! The tv show CITY NIGHTS was live and aired in Northern Kentucky (channel 21 on Insight Cable), Cincinnati Ohio, Columbus Ohio and on IN DEMAND in Cleveland Ohio. For more info on what's happening at the 1313 Crypt visit PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 at their website and it's just not for halloween!!! Now for some photos I took during the night!!