Tuesday, September 11, 2007

TRIMBLE~Dirty Jack's~Sept.7, 2007!

Well I went to Dirty Jack's on Friday Sept. 7th to check out BroknStone because Terry Blaze keeps saying how kick~ass they are but Terry never showed up to party with us! But much to my delight...TRIMBLE from Middletown Ohio got the party started! I've known the singer Randy Trimble and guitarist Jack Arrowood from the good ol' days. I hadn't intended on taking any photos (didn't bring the good gear!) but when photo ops occur...you take them!!! I had my little FujiFilm A350 camera with me and snapped off a few pics. You'll be hearing and seeing alot more of TRIMBLE in the Cincy area this year. For a history on the band and see where they're playing at go to their wesbite at www.myspace.com/trimblerockband and don't forget to add them to your friends list. They're pretty cool bunch of guys I'm glad to be friends with! Oh...and they do ROCK!!! See TRIMBLE on Saturday, Sept. 15 at the Poison Room...but get there early because once again...they're up first!!!! Then see them open up for DROWNING POOL at the Madison Theater in Covington Ky on Sept.27th...You're not gonna wanna miss this show!!