Friday, November 17, 2006

Deicide~Deicide and Death Metal Bands~Sudsy's~Shocktober 28,2006!

On Shocktober 28, 2006 at Sudsy Malone's in Cincinnati, it was Helloween Hell with headliners DEICIDE (hehehe...we beat Satan at his own PA was destroyed and the bar was left in tact too!!!)along with bands DESOLATION, DEAD BROKE, DARKNESS UNDYING, DEATH BROKER and a couple hundred of loyal fans. On behalf of the bands, the bar and Trans~Fusions Productions, we all would like to THANK YOU, the FANS for making this show a HUGE SUCCESS and a SOLD OUT SHOW!!! All the bands have myspace profile pages (you can go thru my 15 pages of friends list to find some of them/some are on my top24). So let's just get to it...the photos I took during the night....Keep Spreading The Death and Metal!!!