Sunday, October 22, 2006

BLACKLIST UNION~Sudsy's~Rocktober 6, 2006!!

L.A.'s hottest upcoming band, BLACKLIST UNION, made their first area appearance on Friday, Rocktober 6, 2006 at Sudsy's (on Short Vine Street/Clifton/Cincy,Ohio). The newest home to great live music brought to you by Paul Riley of Trans~Fusion Productions ( A big THANK YOU to Anni of Sudsy's and her excellent staff (Vlad, Drew, Big Jim, Chino,etc)for making it safe and all the great drinks and quick service and bodacious sounds!!!!
Opening the show was non other than glam~rock favourites, DRUGSTORE VALENTINE. Fronted by the ever popular KENNY OZZ (you've seen him EVERYWHERE with a double vodka cranberry drink!!). DRUGSTORE VALENTINE rocked right into their set with "Welcome To The Show". Making up the band DRUGSTORE VALENTINES are Kenny Ozz on vocals and double vodka cranberries, Mike "Howlin' Mad" Murdoch on guitar, "Curly" on bass, who still kicks~ass even with a broken leg/foot he got over Labor Day Weekend in a mosh~pit(we have some brutal mosh pits ya'all!)~that's dedication~and Lee "Pierce" Johnson on drums. DRUGSTORE VALENTINE's loyal fans danced thru the set which included "Backstage Bombshell" (we all love groupies, right?!!?!!!) and a blast from the past a T~Rex song "Jeepster". Kenny Ozz took a moment to dedicate their ballad to a close friend, "JELLO" who recently passed away suddenly. It was only fitting that DRUGSTORE VALENTINE shined on "I Won't Ever Be The Same" and friends of "Jello" all flicked their lighters with flames high in memory. More gossip on DRUGSTORE VALENTINE can be found at and see them live at Top Cat's (down the street from Sudsy's!) on Rocktober 25th with 16 Piece Bucket. Don't miss this exciting show (
Next up, making an impact on the Cincy music scene was 8KOunt. This band features Dean Alexander on bass (ex~Planet Scream vox),Sean Davidson on drums (ex~Plant Scream drums), Chris "Cookie" Suttle on guitar and James Sayer on vocals. The band was recently featured in an issue of Metal Edge Magazine and Rockstars Glued ( Their music is just good rock~n~roll. Back to the basics. Check out their cd entitled "CORNERED". Hear clips of the music on or to keep updated on the band's activities. Even better...GO SEE THEM LIVE on Rocktober 27 at Annie's for Halloween Hel, then plan on Nov.5 at The N'Spot in Loveland opening for L.A.GUNS, then make sure you don't miss them on Nov.10 at The Poison Room (downtown Cincy~parking lot across from bar!) with the return of hott rockers BLACKLIST UNION and then on Nov.11 at The Blue Note in Price Hill. It's solid. It's rock. It's solid rock for today with 8KOunt!
Ahhhhh...what we came to Sudsy's to see and hear all the way from Los Angeles, cock~rockers BLACKLIST UNION made their fist area appearance. They're everything they are hyped up to be and even better!!!! I love this rock band!! Their music is catchy~real mind sticklers and lyrics you can go around and sing all day and their live show....WOW!!! So much fun to watch them perform their music for us and they were having fun too!
Currently out on tour, BLACKLIST UNION is taking the country by storm in support of their cd debut "AFTER THE MOURNING" on B.L.U. Records. There's nothing depressing about this cd. The songs are upbeat, positive/fun lyrics, catchy music. You'll be singing along with the cd in no time. Can't pick any one fav on this cd because all the songs are enjoyable. One song that caught my ear was track #7 "Dying To Live" had an opening flavour of the early Beatles. Tony West told me that this song was written about a close friend who passed away.
These hott exciting five L.A. rockers: Tony West (vocals), KShell(white guitar), Andy Stafford (black guitar), Joey B (bass) and Trent Anderson(drums), are becoming the newest big think in rock music. See them for their encore performance at The Poison Room (downtown Cincy)on Friday, Rollvember 10 (Nov.10) before they hit the big arenas. Go online and to keep updated on tours, music,merchandise and photos at and at ~ they love their fans and you'll love their music!!
Until the next time...enjoy the photos I took that night and keep playing that rock~n~roll!!!