Sunday, October 08, 2006

An Evening with ROB ZOMBIE 9/11/06 Bogart's~Cincy,Oh~

Yeah..blah...blah...blah...while some folks choose to remember "9/11" as "Patriot's Day"(which is getting old and abused commerically speaking) only the coolest of the cool (about 1800 of us or so!) are remembering Sept.11,2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio as An Evening with ROB ZOMBIE at Bogart's which was SOLD~OUT!!!! HELL YEAH!!! ZOMBIE RULES!!!
It was all ROB ZOMBIE all night!!! Rob brought his girls to dance, full production show, his humour and best of all his band...John 5 (guitar), Piggy D(bassist), and Tommy (drums). This show was simply described as AMAZING!!!! Rob Zombie/band performed just about all his songs that we all love..old and new! From the first WHITE ZOMBIE cd song "Thunder Kiss '65" all the way to new songs "American Witch", "Lords of Salem", "Foxy Foxy" from the newest hottest cd release from ROB ZOMBIE called "EDUCATED HORSES" on Geffen Records. ROB ZOMBIE is the only artist to achieve longevity with Geffen Records after 20 or so years. My, how time flys when you ARE having fun!!! For more info on ROB ZOMBIE~go to his website at and myspace is to keep up with the lastest news of ROB ZOMBIE.
Rob shared his sense of humour with the fans and gave out hints of the new Halloween movie he is working on much to the fans delight!! Rob's creative talents are sheer genius. I was very fortunate that I was the ONLY photographer allowed to take some photos of the they're now posted below for your viewing pleasure!