Tuesday, December 26, 2006

LORENZO~Southgate House~Dec.9, 2006

Saturday, Dec.9th 2006 the SOUTHGATE HOUSE in Newport Ky hosted the night for TOYS FOR TOTS. Bands that donated their time and sweat were LORENZO, THE SCREAMING KINGS, CHAKRAS, PULSE 8 and American Hardcore. I was off just partying that night and enjoying the bands and friends that came out and did some major partying! But I did snap off some shots of my fav rock band LORENZO. If you've been in a cave, you can buy their cd called LOVE SHAPE BRUISE at Best Buy stores and online at www.cdbaby.com and also online at their website: www.lorenzolounge.com and on www.myspace.com/lorenzolounge you can hear 4 of the tunes and keep informed of their tour dates. Their song "THINK ABOUT SEX" was recently featured in the opening segment of CBS show "SHARK" on Thursdays. LORENZO~request them on your favourite radio station America!!!