Sunday, November 26, 2006

Drugstore Valentine~Boomerang's *11/25/2006* Pics!

Even though just about all of us were still hung over from all the Friday nite fun at Whiskey Dick's show with BRETT MICHAELS (which was Standing~Room~Only!!!)...we still made it out to Boomerang's in St. Bernard (owner is the famous WEBN Sports Commando WILDMAN WALKER) on Saturday nite Nov.25th to see Fathom, DRUGSTORE VALENTINE and A Nervous Wreck. I wasn't officially taking any pics but...I couldn't resist snapping off a few of DRUGSTORE VALENTINE in action and KENNY OZZ all rocked out...that's right fans...Kenny Ozz had no make~up and no fur coat...and he still was hottt hottt hottt!!! Kenny Ozz made his entrance in a full length leather coat, shades, tight blue jeans and a HBK T-shirt (Kenny is the true Heart~Break Kid!!) and his newest edition to his mic stand a black~n~gold scarf from Brett Michaels from Friday nite!! Curly on bass got his foot cast off and was able to stand and even jump around some which was good to see. Drummer Lee Pierced Johnson showed off his tatts and strikin' a pose and guitarist Mike was shredding on his axe.
See more of DRUGSTORE VALENTINE and KENNY OZZ on Saturday Dec.2nd at TOP CATS where they will open (literally!!) for MICHAEL GRAVES (ex-Misfits singer)and be celebrating Kenny Ozz's birthday!!! Ok Kenny Ozz lots of RED WINE at TOP CATS on SATURDAY DEC.2nd!!!! For more info for DRUGSTORE VALENTINE go to and watch for their cd early in 2007!!!