Saturday, August 26, 2006

VOLUME DEALER Photos*Poison Room*7/28/06

Stumbled across this band called VOLUME DEALER on myspace...or rather they found me...doesn't matter...just glad I got to see them play at The Poison Room on Friday 7/28/2006. Even tho it was in the upstairs loft of the Poison Room which is like hotter than hell's a/ to play up there. But the bands that were there that night (includes Visual Kaos and Planet Scream) still put on great sets!
VOLUME DEALER hails from Columbus, Ohio and have opened for many major acts up there. They passed out their 3-song cd to all that attended. Their set is furious! Let's just say, Volume Dealer's music reminds me of Linkin Park (and I love them!). Just good solid metal that rocks!! Can't wait for them to play in Cincy again...and if these bars don't get 'em back down here...I will have to be making a quick drive north to see them on their home turf!! For a list of their gigs, check out their page at which contains lots of info.
So let's spread the music and love with this type of "VD"....VOLUME DEALER.