Sunday, July 23, 2006

CANNIBAL CORPSE - July 6, 2006 - The Mad Hatter/Covington Ky

The Mad Hatter – Covington, KY.
Thursday 07/06/2006 © by: Robin Rheins/Mystik~Music
Cannibal Corpse (Metal Blade Records)
Through The Eyes Of The Dead
Feast On Purity

Cannibal Corpse began their tour with summer on July 6, 2006 at the The Mad Hatter in Covington Kentucky, which is the area that guitarist, Pat O’Brien calls his hometown. And everyone turned out in support! One thing you can say about the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area is that both fans and musicians strongly support each other both on and off stage.
Getting things started was local band FEAST ON PURITY. Wasting no tme with their speed riff and dark lyrics, FEAST ON PURITY is of Florida-New York death metal persuasion. Performing all originals, Chris Kirk (vocals) commands the crowd’s attention with songs like “Random Acts Of Violence” and “Screaming In Her Sleep” and is backed with Walter Hyden (guitar), Shane Ottersbach (guitar), Landon Faulkner (bass) and Mike McNeese (drums) all who bring their own intense musicianship to the stage. FEAST ON PURITY will be grinding it up again on stage on August 4th at TOP CATS in Cincinnati Ohio. Featuring the two songs mentioned above can be found on their myspace page: along with tour dates and photos.
As the crowd got bigger, the Mad Hatter was getting hotter which was perfect for the next local band, ESTUARY. WOW!! This band is impressive and polished. To hear the vocals and not see it, you’d think…”yeah, this dude can punch it out!” Then you turn your attention to the stage and BAM!! That dude you thought punching t out from the gut wasn’t a dude but this petite, 5 foot woman with long dark blonde hair. This monsterous vocals comes from non-other than Zdenka Prado. Teaming up with her are band mates, Brad Howard (guitar), Ash Thomas (guitar), Steve Eberl (bass) and Jesse Wilson (drums). ESTUARY has a massive cult following. Once you see them perform live you cannot afford not to be part of their group of fans! Performing songs off their hott-selling cd, “ESTUARY – TO EXIST AND ENDURE” included “To Exist”, “Creation Damnation” and “Woven Denial” got the crowd worked up into several mosh pits of sweaty hard-hitting flesh. For more info about Estuary, your one and only chance is their next area appearance on Wednesday, August 26 at TOP CATS (in Cincinnati, Ohio) opening up for ORIGIN (doors at 9pm).
Giving the Mad Hatter a breather but not for long was the band THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD who is currently on tour with Cannibal Coprse and The Sounds Of The Underground tour. Sorry I didn’t catch this band but here’s a little scoop for you….. is where you can view pics, hear the audio clips and the usual website info you all love to visit.
By now, there was no escape from the sweat drenched bodies that were everywhere. Hitting the stage with a monsterously loud vile was CANNIBAL CORPSE. Tampa Florida’s death metal-gods for the past 18 or so years, CANNIBAL CORPSE is still on top of their game, better, stronger than ever. This night had to be one of their best shows to date! It was intimate, up close, in-your-face show that one one there will ever forget. Especially the thrill and proud feelings from the fans, friends and family of seeing the hometown, axe-shredder extrodinaire, Pat O’Brien performing brilliantly.
CANNIBAL CORPSE opened up with “The Time To Kill Is Now” which was the theme for their set….and killed they did! Just awesome all night long. They brutally attacked the Mad Hatter with classic CANNIBAL CORPSE and 5 new tunes from their latest and is said to be their best cd yet, “KILL”. Other songs from “KILL” were “Death Walking Terror”, “Make Them Suffer”, “Murder Worship” and the fan popular “Five Nails Through The Neck”. Old favs included “Born In A Casket”, “The Wretched Spawn”, “Pit Of Zombies” which sent the fans off into once again, a massive mosh pit, “Unleashing The Bloodthirsty” and ending with “Hammer Smashed Face” and then demanding an encore with “Stripped, Raped, and Strangled”.
CANNIBAL CORPSE must be experienced live on stage. To see and hear vocalist George “THE CORPSEGRINDER” Fisher is like meeting the welcoming committee to hell…a little intimidating with a wicked charm! The lyrics he sings are low, guttural, growling menace of destruction and with a personality that has CANNIBAL CORPSE fans begging him to command them. Burning up the frets on his guitar is Rob Barrett. Rob’s rhythm guitar talents bring highlights to George’s vocals and his chords help set the speed of lightning pace of the music. Performing solos that just blister are that of Pat O’Brien. His attack of his guitar his finger movements – if you blink, you miss it!! Pat continues to shine in the spotlight and the Cannibal Corpse fans go simply nuts when Pat steps forward to front of the stage goes into one of his axe-wielding solos. Giving it all a low end vibe that rivots through your body is the bass work of none other Alex Webster. Alex with his legendary chops and incorporating his awesome stage presence adds substance to the songs which help make up the distinct CANNIBAL CORPSE sound. Saving the best for last and equally important bandmate is the fantastic footwork and man with the sticks, Paul Mazurkiewcz. Even though Paul sits low behind his massive drum kit, he produces some big major sounds. Hard driving pounding of the skins, loud crashing cymbals, and a pair of the fastest feet in the biz! Paul’s solid drumming is a kick~ass show in itself! Paul sets the tempo of the songs from faster to even more faster!! There is just no stopping the collective efforts of CANNIBAL CORPSE. See them out on tour with “The Sounds Of The Underground” this summer in a city near you. You can purchase this dvd and the cd “KILL” by CANNIBAL CORPSE at Hot Tropics stores and always online. For more info visit the Corpe’s website at and yes, they even have a myspace page (it’s official!) which contains audio clips from “KILL”, pics and tour dates.
Until the next full moon……keep your lyrics dark and your music aggressively brutal. \m/ \m/ Death has never been more fun than when “Eaten Back To Life” only the way CANNIBAL CORPSE can!!