Sunday, August 20, 2006


Everybody's fav glam~rockers, DRUGSTORE VALENTINE put the crowd in the mood and got everyone in the rock~n~roll frame of mind on Monday, July 24, 2006 at Sudsy's for BROKEN TEETH. Featuring our fav celebrated Rock*Star Kenny Ozz on vocals and a little strip tease action from their drummer Lee "Pierce Johnson!! Guitarist Mike provides solid axe work. Guest bassist was on loan from Kill City that nite. If you like the old glam bands from the 80's such as Poison, Enuff 'Z Nuff, etc....then you should not miss a DRUGSTORE VALENTINE show. Check 'em out at See them live on stage at the N'Spot in Loveland on Sept. 2nd, then at Sudsy's on Sept. 23 opening for In~Winter, the big show is on Rocktober 6th (Oct.6) at Sudsy's with my good friends BLACKLIST UNION (get their cd at then down the street on short vine at Top Cats on Rocktober 25 (Oct.25) with Michael Graves!! Wow~these guys are on a hott streak!!! Here are the pics of DRUGSTORE VALENTINE~Enjoy!