Sunday, August 27, 2006

THE ALL KNOWING ~ Photos~Annie's 8/18/2006

These are the photos I took at Annie's on Aug.18th for Local Fridays which was promotoed by TRANS~FUSIONS PRODUCTIONS for the band THE ALL KNOWING. This is one of the best hardcore metal bands playing the Cincy area. Currently in the process of recording the debut cd at Waycross Studios in Forest Park, THE ALL KNOWING graciously took time off to play at Annie's giving the fans a killer show. Hard hitting music, angry lyrics that are from real life experiences, gives THE ALL KNOWING that connection to the audience. Songs included "So Complicated", "Truth Be Known", "Out" and "Be A Man" all which are currently being circulated on a 4-song demo which you can get at their shows along with t-shirts. In fact, their next gig is at SUDSY'S on Saturday SEPT.16th (with SUFFER THE TRUTH and KEMPER). Their myspace page is: and their website is so go there and leave them some 'love' on their page and go support them live on SEPT.16 at Sudsy's!!!!