Tuesday, May 30, 2006

RETRIBUTION CD Release Party at TOP CATS May 19, 2006

Top Cats – Cincinnati, Ohio
Friday 05/19/2006 ©by: Robin Rheins/Mystik~Music
Retribution (Peace or Die Records)~CD Release Party~
Pain Link (Peace or Die Records)
Dark Soul
Kill The Messenger

Something is in the air here in Cincinnati. Can you feel it? I said “CAN YOU FEEL IT”, Cincinnati?!!! Top Cats once again played host for the cd release party for RETRIBUTION on the Peace Or Die Record label. And a party this was!! One of the largest turnouts I’ve seen in the past few months for a local band debuting the release of their cd. Of couse, when you have 5 of Cincy’s best brutal hardcore~death metal bands in one venue, everybody turns out to party!!!
The night started out with the new line up of KILL THE MESSENGER. This new version of KILL THE MESSENGER is much better, tighter and seemed to enjoy playing together. The crowd loved ‘em. Check out their myspace page at: www.myspace.com/xkillthemessengerx and mark your calenders for August 23rd at Top Cats.
After Kill The Messenger, it was DARK SOUL hitting the stage. Vocalist Danny McElfresh got the crowd worked into a mosh pit. Jenny Diablo on bass always performing to excellent standards along with mates Perry on drums and Sean Emhoolah on guitar duty shreds on his axe to a wound~up and loud crowd. Their page is www.myspace.com/darksoul and you can catch ‘em live at Top Cats on Saturday, July 1st.
Pease Or Die recording artists on the bill in support of their label mates was PAIN LINK. Cincy’s premier metal favs took over the stage. Always a pro~show from PAIN LINK. Brandon on lead deep growling vocals gets the fans involved and feeds off their energy causing a large brutal mosh~pit with all having fun working up a sweat and showing their horns in approval!!! Their page is www.myspace.com/painlink or their website is www.painlink.net so add this band to your favorites. Go view ‘em live at Southern Lanes in Alexandria Kentucky on June 17th and at Top Cats on July 1st. You won’t regret it…and buy their cd “The Burden Of Sin”.
AZYGOUS was up next keeping the night alive and wired. They know to bring a crowd with them with their motto “Drink Beer Smoke Weed” theme. This is a metal band that can party it up on and off stage!! They’re booked all over the place so check it out at www.myspace.com/azygous and buy their cool t-shirts!
Finally, with much anticipation, may I present Peace Or Die recording artists…..RETRIBUTION!!!!! *Crowd goes nuts with loud hell yeahs!* Formed back in 2003, this trio (yes…only 3 guys!!!) is all death metal that must be experienced…..Live in concert!! Performing songs off their cd “RETRIBUTION” being released that night, bassist and lead vocals RYAN HAMMANN (also can be seen in Wicked Intent), drummer and vocals BRIAN WRIGHT and SEAN EMHOOLAH (just seen in Dark Soul) on guitars, combined for a talented and energetic show and the mosh~pit was virtually non~stop. You can buy RETRIBUTION’s cd “RETRIBUTION” at the local record stores soon and on cdbaby.com and of course the best place to get this cd is at their shows…get ‘em to autograph it for ya too!! What sets apart RETRIBUTION besides the fact that Mr. Ryan Hammann is a well~loved and highly respected member of the Cincy metal community, is the way they covered AC/DC’s “TNT”…death metal style. Whoa!! I’ve heard AC/DC done a lot of ways including with AC/DC but THIS version is the ultimate!!! Joining Ryan, Sean and Brian on stage for this cover tune was Chris Brown from PAIN LINK, Kenny from DRUGSTORE VALENTINE and members of KILL THE MESSENGER and AZYGOUS. The whole room went freakin’ crazy on this song!!! RETRIBUTION closed their set with their self titled song “RETRIBUTION” fittingly enough was appropriate.
Thanks to all who attended and stayed to the very end and a bigger thanks to all who made tons of purchases at the merchandise table ~ lots of T-Shirts, Stickers, Photos, and most importantly CD’s sold that night!!! You can find out more about RETRIBUTION on myspace (who doesn’t have a myspace page?!!) at www.myspace.com/retributionband or their website at www.retributionmetal.net and find out what the buzz is about!
So don’t let anyone anywhere tell you different but CINCY LOVES METAL! Can you feel it???!!!! CAN YOU FEEL IT??!!!
Today’s local favorite bands are the metal stars of tomorrow. Until the next full moon……keep your lyrics dark and your music brutal. \m/ \m/