Monday, May 15, 2006

NEVERMORE ~ Live in Cincinnati, Ohio

Bogart’s – Cincinnati, Ohio
Thursday 05/11/2006 © by: Robin Rheins/Mystik~Music
In Flames
Nevermore (Century Media Records)

Bogart’s here in Cincinnati, Ohio hosted a great night of metal on Thursday, May 11, 2006. The venue wasn’t quite sold out but it was a packed house. Opening the show was EVERGREY from Sweden, next was NEVERMORE, then THROWDOWN then headliners IN FLAMES.
I’m here to tell you about the show that legendary metal rockers NEVERMORE did. First of all, major congrats to the Loud-N-Clear production team. The sound was outstanding for all the bands.
On with the show….. With a calmness, rawness and aggression, vocalist Warrel Dane sings from his heart and his emotions show thru each song he sings. He has a good rapport with the fans even making a joke about a certain repeated request for a song that had everyone laughing. Speed metal drumming from Van Williams just never lets up. His constantly pounding the skins gives each song a strong statement. Fantastic bass work provided the strong backbone of the songs was performed flawlessly by guest bassist and friend James MacDonough who graciously is filling in for Jim Sheppard (Get Well soon Jim!). Two phenomenal guitarists, Jeff Loomis never fails to shock-n-awe the crowd with his brutal but rhythmical leads. Jeff Loomis is published monthly in Guitar World magazine. Trading kick~ass guitar riffs with Jeff Loomis was Chris Broderick filling in for Steve Smyth (Get Well soon Steve!) Chris is a first class shred master and to see Jeff and Chris duel it out on guitars is show within a show!!
On the internet you can check out more details of Nevermore and Jeff Loomis: Jeff Loomis has a website: and a myspace page: and Nevermore has a myspace page: where you can see some pics, hear some clips and leave comments for the band if you’re on their friend list.Their official website is:
Their current cd is called “This Godless Endeavor” on Century Media Records and is probably their best selling cd yet. NEVERMORE is currently out touring the rest of the USA and will be heading off to Europe for the summer. Hopefully, Jim Shepperd and Steve Smyth will be joining the rest of NEVEMORE in Europe. If you like traditional metal with a bit of modernization, go see NEVERMORE at a venue near you.
Until the next full moon……keep your lyrics dark and your music aggressively brutal. \m/ \m/ And so speaks the raven….NEVERMORE!