Saturday, May 06, 2006


The Sky Club – Brookfield, Ohio
Friday 04/28/2006 © by: Robin Rheins/Mystik~Music
Seasons Of The Wolf (Earth Mother Music Records)
Capitol Court (Brookfield, Ohio)

They’re Wild, Pissed Off & Coming Your Way!!!!! That’s the SEASONS OF THE WOLF attitude for 2006. SEASONS OF THE WOLF is out touring a few selected cities. Is your city going to get lucky?!!? They came up my way (5 hours north of Cincinnati Ohio) in Brookfield Ohio at The Sky Club on Friday, April 28, 2006. The wolves showed up in true heavy metal form all the way from their home base of Bradenton Florida. Also on the bill that night was local Brookfield Ohio metal favs, CAPITOL COURT.
SEASONS OF THE WOLF performed songs from their three previous released albums, “Seasons Of The Wolf”, “Lost In Hell”, and their latest “Nocturnal Revelation”. They also previewed some of their new material from their next cd much to the fans approval. The wolves opened with “New Age Revolution” then went into “Lost In Hell” (my personal fav!), “Witchfinder”, “Dance Of A Thousand Veils”, “Liar” (another personal fav!), “Storm Of The Century”, top 10 hits “Victim of Darkness” and “October Moon”, “Wings Of Doom” is the newest song which will be on the next cd, and closed with “Transmission”. This was an action packed set of nothing but sheer heavy metal at its best and a light show of strobes and lazers.
This wolf pack describe themselves as “psycho hippie doom metal”. SEASONS OF THE WOLF have been performing together since 1988!! So yes, these guys are tight as hell. Even with hired pro-musicians Michael Poplees (from New York) on bass and Mark Empire (from Chicago) on drums for selected live shows, SEASONS OF THE WOLF is quite a show to see and hear! Vocalist, Wes Waddell has a very distinguished sound. When you hear him, you know you are hearing nothing but Seasons Of The Wolf. But his voice does have an influence of old school 80’s metal icons Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, King Diamond and Black Sabbath. Providing ripping guitar and backing vocals is Barry “Skully” Waddell. This shark-tooth wearing beast absolutely shreds his guitars. There is not one inch of fret that’s not used. Melodic, piercing guitar solos, Skully puts on a show in itself. Here’s a twist for the metal sound is Dennis Ristow on keyboards and backing vocals. You don’t see/hear keyboards in many heavy metal bands no matter what the year is/was! Dennis adds sweet flavor to Skully’s guitar riffs, making the sounds of Dennis’ keyboards just the right ingredient to offset the songs. Hired for selected cities is the services of ace bassist, Michael Poplees from New York. Michael’s band Lugosis Needle is on a short break performing live so they can write new material and record their next cd due out late this fall (watch for more info on Lugosis Needle in the near future!), which gives Michael Poplees some freedom to expand is creativeness. Michael Poplees is a great fit with SEASONS OF THE WOLF. He is aggressive metal with the chops on bass! He IS a wolf all the way. Michael’s bass work with the wolf~pack is solid and you would never know he is a hired~gun for the band. You can definitely keep headbanging to his low~end rhythm and long luscious hair~whips and fingers of steel as he attacks all 4 thick strings! Feeling the power of bringing the songs to life is Mark Empire from Chicago. Mark is the other hired~gun for the band for selected live shows. Mark and his drum stix gives you 10 reasons to yell “Hell Yeah” from the roof tops! The driving force behind the songs performed by the rest of the wolves, Mark Empire goes at his drum kit full throttle, smooth as silk with his hands and feet constantly moving, never missing a beat, is simply amazing work of technical proficiency.
All the members of SEASONS OF THE WOLF have awesome stage presence and talent to match. You cannot take your eyes off them. They are true performers who love their job, the music and most of all, their fans. For more info on SEASONS OF THE WOLF, check out their website: or or even better ~ hurry and go see them live on May 13th at SAVAGEFEST 3 at the
5 Star Entertainment Complex-Stevens Point, Plover Wisconsin, or June 24th at ROCKERFELLAS in their hometown of Bradenton Florida, or on August 5th at the Bourbon Street Night Club in Port Richey Florida. They will also be appearing on the next Extreme Soundscapes DVD from the show they played at THE HAUNT in Ithaca New York that was held on Saturday, April 29, 2006 (
Also playing on Friday, April 28th at The Sky Club was local hardcore metal bangers, CAPITOL COURT. Mixing it up with covers and originals, CAPITOL COURT from Brookfield Ohio area have a devoted following. This band kicks some serious ass! They took an old fav from Jefferson Airplane “Someone To Love” and just turned it into their own and thrashed it all out!! One of the best versions I ever heard that song done. Cover tunes included my fav Drowning Pool’s “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” had the joint actually jumping!!! Capitol Court enjoys and involves their fans in some of their cover tunes by circulating thru the club and sticking the microphone in their face! So what if you can’t sing technically…you know the words, you love the song…so just have fun with it and they do!! Capitol Court have started a myspace page so go check it out at or catch them in the Brookfield Ohio or Sharon Pennsylvania at THE ZOO.
Today’s local favorite bands are the metal stars of tomorrow. Until the next full moon……keep your lyrics dark and your music aggressively brutal. \m/ \m/ Let me hear you howl at the moon metalheads!!!