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ANNIE'S (Cincinnati,Oh) APRIL 7, 2006

Annie’s – Cincinnati, Ohio
Friday 04/07/2006 © by: Robin Rheins/Mystik~Music
Assault Machine (Offensive Records)
A Present Day Nightmare (Resound Grind Records)
Suffer The Truth

Trans-Fusion Productions owner, Paul Riley, has been very busy doing one hell of a great job putting together “Local Fridays” at Annie’s. On Friday, April 7, 2006, four hott bands were on the bill: Assault Machine headlined with openers Psychoset, A Present Day Nightmare and Suffer The Truth. Providing sound, monitors, lights were the house crew from Loud And Clear Productions as always performing an excellent job throughout the night.
The fans gathered to the front of the stage and did some serious headbanging with SUFFER THE TRUTH. This is a young, fresh metal-hardcore band that shows promise. Suffer The Truth is a 6~piece, yes…I said 6 piece, band who is not afraid to give the big dawgs a run for their money! You have “Dr.” on drums, “ScatterBones” on bass, “Le Grave” on lead guitar, “Nightshade” on rhythm guitar, “Phobos” on “Lythem” (rhythm-lead) guitar and “Cemetary Girl” on lead vocals. This young lady can really belt out the tunes and her guttural growl is like a demon possessed! They have a cd out “Rotting Awake” and their sophomore effort cd is due out this summer. For more about SUFFER THE TRUTH go see them live on May 5, at Annie’s Local Friday and May 6 (7pm show) at The American Legion Hall in Williamstown Kentucky or visit their myspace page at I know I’ll be back to see ‘em live!!!!
Resound Grind recording artist, A PRESENT DAY NIGHTMARE, then took to the stage for their set. They did songs from their cd “Still Monologue” much to the fans delight. A PRESENT DAY NIGHTMARE can be seen on the internet at or and better yet….see them LIVE at The Loft in Covington Kentucky on April 22 and then at The Poison Room here in Cincinnati Ohio for the Cincy Punk Fest on May 20th.
The night continues the mosh~pit with PSYCHOSET. Working the stage is Brad on vocals, Danny and Matt on guitars, Scott on bass and Mike on drums took full advantage of their time. Songs included “Another Human Failure” got quite the crowd reaction. PSYCHOSET has two songs you can listen to at
What tickled my fancy was to see on this particular rainy Friday night at Annie’s was that all the opening bands AND their fans stayed front and center to see headliners ASSAULT MACHINE along with their fans and families. ASSAULT MACHINE is an old school 80’s thrash style metal band with tastey melodic guitar solos. Their sound is tight – a mix of the old with the new makes for a unique sound that is only for ASSAULT MACHINE. I absolutely love this band. The talent is tremendous!! Eric on vocals, Justin on bass, Kris on guitar and Joey on drums have created one of the most entertaining stage shows for local metal.
Taking the well deserved spotlight during guitar solos, Kris shreds his axe in true metal showmanship form. Strings in his teeth or stroking them over his head, behind his back, Kris plays to the fans and they love him by showing their horns!! The low end oozing from Justin’s bass vibrates thru your entire body (in a good way!). Hard slamming, in your face thru your body, thumping four fat bass strings, Justin is as entertaining to watch as to listen to. The backbone and driving force of ASSAULT MACHINE is the killer drums of hell by Joey. From the back of the stage shines the drumming talent Joey has to offer to make this band aggressive. Nestled behind four toms, a kick-ass bass drum and a ton of symbols, Joey utilizes every piece of his kit in every song. For a young drummer, Joey is very professional. Powerhouse vocals from Eric brings the fans into the music of ASSAULT MACHINE with his aggressive approach to his lyrics. Eric has a style of his own and can belt out any song he sings with a tasteful flair. On the occasional song, Eric treats us all to his guitar talents, making for some impressive guitar riffs with Kris.
Signed to Offensive Records, their debut cd will be out this summer with a major cd release party to go along with it. Stay tuned for more info on ASSAULT MACHINE at
Today’s local favorite bands are the metal stars of tomorrow. Until the next full moon……keep your lyrics dark and your music aggressively brutal. \m/ \m/ horns~up metalheads!!!
©2006 Robin Rheins/Mystik~Music/Mystik~HeartsCreations.