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Sudsy Malone's (Cincinnati,Ohio) 01April2006

Sudsy Malone's (Cincinnati, Ohio)
April 1, 2006 ©Robin Rheins/Mystik~Music

SEVEN ORCHIDS ~ CD Release Party
Pain Link

Sudsy Malone's in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday, April 1st was insane!!! And I mean that in a good way! This was one crazy night!! And rightly so. It was the CD release party for Seven Orchids and their long awaited and much anticipated 8-song cd "Raising Hell In Whiskey Heaven". Joining the mayhem on the bill was openers EatAFetusTrio, Banderas, and Cincy's top metal band Pain Link.
Taking the stage first, EatAFetusTrio had no problem getting the crowd in the mood to party. Their comical wit between songs makes them endearing. Their musical talent makes them real contenders on the local music scene. They can be labeled as a comedy punk rock band. How can you not love a song titled "Beer Snot Donkey Farts"?!! You can just imagine the lyrics! If you want to experience this "trio", which is really 4 guys, first hand, EatAFetusTrio will be at the Poison Room on April 12 and playing in the Cincy Punk Fest on May 18 at the Poison Room. You can get an audible fix on their myspace page: . I'll be checkin' em out again.
After the break, the fans gathered to the stage for BANDERAS next. I've heard good things about them from trusted friends. They were right. I really liked this band's music. They're more rock~hardcore~punk style. Performing original songs, including Disgraceland, Banderas knows how to work up the fans. Close to the end of their set, vocalist Murdoc, feeling the energy of Sudsy's, hops on the speaker stacks which takes him up to the ceiling, never missing an opportunity to thrill the crowd below, he leaps to hang on a ceiling pipe still singing his heart out upside down!! Children~do not try this at home~leave these acrobatics to the professional singers!! Don't miss their next outing at The Poison Room on April 19th and again on May 20th in the Cincy Punk Fest at The Poison Room. Listen to a few of their songs, including Disgraceland, on their myspace page: .
Cincy's premier metalcore band, PAIN LINK hit the stage with a fury! Working the crowd into a frenzy before they even played the first note, Pain Link never disappoints in their performance. These top~notch players had the mosh~pit bumpin' n' bangin' in front of the stage most of their set. Why? Their music inspires it and vocalist Brandon insists on it!! Chris & Greg with their dueling guitars shredded strings, Paul aka Snapper on bass emitting attitude of metal force and Dave on drums kickin' it out double time with his speedy quick feet! Feeling the moment the energy of the fans, Brandon takes to the top of the speakers and dives into the crowd of loyal supporters who body surfed him back to the stage! Awesome! Once again, the Poison Room on Friday, April 7th will show no mercy as Pain Link headlines there. Don't forget to visit their website often: or where you can buy their CD "Burden Of Sin".
"No need for a seat in heaven when you can ride in Satan's sidecar" is where SEVEN ORCHIDS took the hellacious ride! Mo and his mates performed a great set from the debut cd "Raising Hell In Whiskey Heaven". That's why we were all there. Mo Rikle's vocals are low and strong and come from his guts, the guitars of Alex O'Connor and Giev Fowler are tastefully crisp and clear with melodic solos, bass work from 'Juice' McNair just drive it hard along with the consistant drumming of Bill Pfaff makes SEVEN ORCHIDS proving they're worthy of more headlining gigs. Music kind of reminds me of a touch of old King Diamond back in 1987. SEVEN ORCHIDS brings that flavour to the 21st Century with their own spin. And yes, they too have a myspace page: so check it out and buy their CD " Raising Hell In Whiskey Heaven" and raise a little hell yourself!!
The bartenders of Sudys Malone's did a hell of a good job and were hopefully tipped well from all the patrons and band members. Sound was provided by Offensive Sound and engineered by Joey Jermer who did a great job! The venue was hot, the fans were sweaty (and hope they drank alot!) and the bands were even hotter!! The fire department drove by with their lights on because Sudsy's was a smokin'!!!! Until the next full moon……keep your lyrics dark and your music brutal. \m/ \m/ Copyright © 2006