Saturday, May 12, 2007

In This Moment at Coconutz April 26th

Coconutz in Middletown Ohio was the place to be on April 26, 2007 where you found Death Broker and Superkreep opening up for IN THIS MOMENT. If you've been under a rock, IN THIS MOMENT has a cd out on Century Media Records titled "Beautiful Tragedy" and will be on the OzzFest 2007 (aka FreeFest 07) and also has secured a supporting slot with Lacuna Coil on their headlining tour called "The Hottest Chicks In Metal" (also on that tour is Within Temptation, Stolen Babies and The Gathering - presented by Revolver Magazine). Even tho there has been some weak cd reviews by various magazines, IN THIS MOMENT live show is high energy and just plain entertainingly enjoyable!!! I'm sure once the metal masses sees this band live, they'll be hooked. You can find IN THIS MOMENT on myspace at and on Century Media Records website. The current issue (August 07) of Metal Maniacs has a very favorable review on page 48 which I strongly suggest you read! I was given the opportunity to photograph IN THIS MOMENT in an intimate club setting which is more fun anyway. The band fed off the fans' enthusiasm which made the show successful (thank you to Trans~Fusion Productions/Paul Riley and fun to photograph. They hung out at their merch table before and after their set chatting with fans, getting their pics taken with the fans and autographing just about everything presented to them! For a band of this high caliber in the music industry, it was refreshing how approachable they all are and how level headed and grounded they are. No fancy tour bus parked out back. They travel in style in their beloved cramped van. I'm looking forward to seeing them again a few times this summer!! You should too! Check out my photos below....and pop in their cd in your player and crank it up!!!