Saturday, July 08, 2006

FREEDOM FEST '06~Annie's in Cincinnati,Ohio 7/1/06

Annie’s – Cincinnati, Ohio
Saturday 07/01/2006 © by: Robin Rheins/Mystik~Music

Trans-Fusion Productions owner, Paul Riley, has been very busy doing one hell of a great job, along with the sound and light crew from Loud and Clear Productions, putting together FREEDOM FEST’06 at Annie’s. On Saturday, July 1, 2006, Annie’s Entertainment Complex here in Cincinnati, Ohio, hosted a total of 22 kick~ass bands alternating on 2 stages (indoor and outdoor) so everyone could see every band…this was such an awesome idea!! Several hundred people were in attendance all day from 12 noon til 2am headbanging, rocking, drinking, eating highly over priced food, playing pool, buying band’s t-shirts and cd’s and various merchandise, and just having a rip-roaring blast with their friends! What a great beginning for a holiday weekend!! So this article is going to be a bit different. I will let the pictures say it all.
This is how it went down on Saturday, July 1st for the 1st annual FREEDOM FEST at Annie’s. On the Indoor Stage the following bands all played ½ hour sets: Blue Diamond, The High Council, Inside Moves, 7 Day Sun, Elanore, Steel Ryzon, In-Rage, Planet Scream, Triad, A Nervous Wreck, Billy Carri and headlining the whole show and performing on the indoor stage was JANI LANE (ex-Warrant) and his new band. On the Outdoor Stage the following bands all played ½ hour sets: Avengance, Superkreep, Hallows End, Opiate, The All Knowing, Silk Abrasion, Neutral Shock, Detached, Psychoset and Assault Machine.
Be looking for FREEDOM FEST ’07 next year….it will be 2 days, 2 stages, and 40 kick~ass hott bands to let freedom ring Cincy style!!
Today’s local favorite bands are the metal stars of tomorrow. Until the next full moon……keep your lyrics dark and your music aggressively brutal. \m/ \m/ horns~up metalheads!!!