Saturday, March 11, 2006

Top Cats (Cincinnati,Oh) 10March2006

Top Cats – Cincinnati, Ohio
Friday 03/10/2006 @by: Robin Rheins/Mystik~Music

Pain Link (Peace or Die Records)
Dead Broke (Dayton,Ohio)
Dark Soul

Darkest Greetings to all! What a night it was for me to make my re-entry into the world of music…metal music that is. The bar, Top Cats, wasn’t the only thing that was darkly lit in red. Four bands brought their game on to a full house of brutal-core metal.
The festivities started with openers, Dark Soul and the night just got even better from there. Dark Soul is a 4-piece with Danny McElfresh, who does an outstanding job on vocals, Sean Emhoolah on guitar, Perry Smith on drums and Jenny Diablo on bass and backing vocals. This young lady is just awesome to watch! Her vocals are powerful and I wish they were used more often. I can tell, this is going to be one of my favorite bands. Check ‘em out at: then go see them at TOP CATS on Friday, April 21, 2006. You won’t regret it!!!
Continuing onto the next band is the ever popular party band, Azygous, whose motto is “Drink Beer Smoke Weed”. Ya gotta love that! The whole bar for the most part turned into one gigantic mosh pit!! How much fun is that?!! The power and energy from the fans and this band was heavily in the air. Bringing their version of “Whiskey-Core Metal”, Steve, Nick, Brian, Adam and Samhain never fail to disappoint. With all that moshin’, bar $ale$ should go up. Check ‘em out at then go see them at Sudsy Malone’s on April 11, 2006. Make sure you have a designated driver for a safe trip home afterwards!! They’ll leave your metal appetite slightly intoxicated….in a good way!
All the way from Dayton, Ohio, Dead Broke took the stage. Sponsored by Jagermeister and powered by Sam Ash Music Stores, they made their entrance with free Jager stuff and for just $5.00 you could get their 4-song cd entitled “Revelation”. In 2003, these 5 guys got together and formed Dead Broke. Today, their style of aggressive metal is polished to shine. The vocals are strong, the bass lines just slam you to hell and back with the brutal beatings of the drums to keep you there. The guitar riffs just cannot be ignored. Dead Broke can be found at
www.myspace/deadbrokeohio and at Their next stop is the infamous Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio on Friday, March 24, 2006. Then they play their hometown of Dayton, Ohio on Friday, April 7th at The Nite Owl and finally come back to Cincinnati on Saturday, April 22nd at Sudsy Malone’s. You’ll want to go see this band now because they could be well on their way to the big time!
Finally, the band we all came to see, Pain Link, was the band of the night. You know the saying, “we’re saving the best for last”? That is what Top Cats did!! WOW!!! I now know why the national acts are intimidated when they hear the name Pain Link. This band is at the top of their musical talents. Currently signed to indie label, Peace Or Die Records, they have a cd out called “The Burden Of Sin”. This is mandatory metal for your music collection. Pain Link is Brandon Neeley on vocals, Greg Neeley on guitar, Chris Brown on guitar, Paul Parece on bass and Dave Bauer on drums. Now here’s how this power lies within…Out front is Brandon who is such a fierce singer bringing heart, soul and a raw savage to his vocals you feel your energy level rising with each song. By his side are axe-masters Greg and Chris. You just have to see these two guys! The things Greg did with his Jackson guitar, I didn’t know you could make a Jackson bend like that! Then there’s Chris, with this unique and fun style, is quite the entertainer. Chris takes his guitar talents to the extremes when he plays. His guitar can be seen being played behind him, over his head, dueling with Greg and the hott chick in front of the stage might be lucky enough to hold his guitar while he rips thru a solo slide style. Pain Link has two of the most lightening speed axe-shredders in Cincinnati playing metal music today. If you want to call it “in the background” is the silent but deadly rhythm section of Paul and Dave driving the power and metal mayhem to the forefront. The ever constant bass and double-bass drum kit vibrates throughout your body you realize it’s the “Pain Link”. When Pain Link is on stage, you know you are going to get a show of shows. Their page is or their website is so add this band to your favorites. Pain Link will be sharing the stage on Saturday, April 1st (this is no joke!) at Sudsy Malone’s for the cd release party for Seven Orchids. Pain Link’s next stop is The Poison Room (W.5th St. Downtown Cincy) on Friday, April 7th, then off to the big apple of New York, New York where they will be making an everlasting impression at The Continental.
These four bands leave you wanting more. The night flew by with success. Show your support for local metal music and buy the cd’s, other merchandise and get your headbanging bodies out to the shows. Today’s local favorite bands are the metal stars of tomorrow. Until the next full moon……keep your lyrics dark and your music brutal. \m/ \m/ Copyright © 2006