Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dead Broke at Bogart's 4/9/07-Jagermeister Music Tour

The Jagermeister Music Tour (Stone Sour, Lacuna Coil, Shadows Fall) made a stop in Cincinnati Ohio on April 9, 2007 at Bogart's. Opening the sold~out show is Jagermeister sponsored band DEAD BROKE (based in Dayton,Ohio/Nashville,TN). Introducing the band, LIZARD MAN, the Jagermeister Music Tour host, hoisted a shot in their honour. They came out and owned the stage! Taking full advantage of a sold-out venue, DEAD BROKE peformed another excellent set. Horns high in the air, mosh pit in full force fury, DEAD BROKE gained alot of new fans at this show! You have the deep guteral growls of Dave Eubanks who expresses his lyrics with attitude and passion, on blistering guitars you have Adam Long and his dueling shredding partner Dave Diesel, the newest addition of bassist Tom Kunsz gives DEAD BROKE that pounding low~end and driving it all home sitting deep inside his drum kit is Eric Barnes. DEAD BROKE truely appreciates their fans by taking time to talk with them and sign t-shirts and cds and have their pictures taken with you. These guys are down to earth and level headed and alot of fun. Currently, DEAD BROKE is out promoting their new self-released cd "Path Of The Plague" which gives us 10 songs of pure brutal metal and is in the process of seeking major/indie label interests. Next shows listed for DEAD BROKE are on April 28 at The Brewery in Troy, Ohio then on May 19 at the Blue Note in Cincinnati Ohio where they are in a battle of the bands for a record deal. One way or another, DEAD BROKE will succeed. For more eye candy (see more pics) and ear candy (listen to their songs) go visit them at and support them in purchasing their t-shirts and cds and going to their shows where they love to give you free stuff from Jagermeister!!!